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nostalgia & Curios brooches

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CDBR2. Clyde The Pug
Brooch> $28.00

Fancy Feline Brooch
CDBR3. Fancy Feline Brooch > $28.00
Clyde The Handsome Pug

Clyde Brooch Side View
CDBR2. Clyde The Handsome Pug Brooch > $28.00

Our favorite little pug Clyde, in a great brooch. Ready for a stroll anytime you are.. A 2 inch by one inch oval in a antiqued brass setting.
Hello Kitties Brooch
CDBR5. Hello Kitties Brooch > $28.00

What's New Pussy Cat Brooch
CDBR6. What's New Pussy Cat Brooch > $28.00

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