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 exclusive artist series jewelry
Schmutzerland is proud to offer our Artist Series. Schmutzerland has been given the exclusive right to reproduce these distinctive works of in our jewelry settings. Each piece comes in a special package with an image of the original artwork on the front along with a bio of the artist. The jewelry is mounted on an attractive card. These are perfect for gifts or your own collection.

Our Featured artists: Dion Hitchings and Melissa Rubin

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Dion Hitchings
Melissa Rubin
Kabuki Days

Sunflower #5 Card

Dion HutchingsWhen describing my art you can call it primitive narrative, childlike, colorful, self-revealing, erotic, funny, strange and lots of eyes. My inspirations come from many places - people I see and work with, dreams, the garden, news, guests on the Jerry Springer show, my heritage, movies and sex. The sunflower drawings came about as I was day dreaming in the men’s reading room and I saw a flower with an eye. Since then, the sunflowers have been a major subject of many pieces. Visit

Add 24 inch chain to order:


Sunflower #5 Dion Hitchings OA01. Sunflower #5
> $47.50
Samurai The Warrior by Melissa Rubin
OA08. Samurai-The Warrior > $47.50
Sunflower Field with Cow by Dion Hitchings
OA02. Sunflower Field with Cow > $47.50
Domo Neko-Fierce Cat by Melissa Rubin
OA07. Domo Neko-Fierce Cat > $47.50
sunflower at Night With Blue Moon by Dion Hitchings
OA03. Sunflower at Night with Blue Moon > $47.50
The Joker by Melissa Rubin
OA06. Doke-yakusha-
The Joker > $47.50

Sunflower on a Hot Summer Day By Dion Hitchings
OA04. Sunflower on a Hot Summer Day >$47.50
Aoi Daibutsu-Blue Buddha by Melissa Rubin
OA05. Aoi Daibutsu-Blue Buddha > $47.50
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