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Beetle Juice  Deluxe Necklace
IN9s. Aphrodite Butterfly Silver Deluxe Necklace > $39.00
Aphrodite Butterfly Petite Necklace >
INNR09. Aphrodite Butterfly Petite Necklace > $32.00

Beetle Juice Deluxe Necklace IN09. Aphrodite Juice Deluxe Necklace> $39.00

The ancient greek goddess commonly known for her role in love and beauty, is irresistible  to all that lay eyes on her. Wear this pendant for an irrresistable burst of color in a timeless pewter toned setting. . Pendant measures approximately 1 inch in length and 1.2 inches wide. Chain measures approximately 16 inches in length and comes attached to a sophisticated hook and eye closure. All necklace components composed of oxidized pewter coated brass.

Add 24 inch chain to order: Qty: $1.00 per necklace


Moths, Moths, Moths Deluxe Necklace
IN10s. Psyche Butterfly SIlver Deluxe Necklace > $39.00
GossemerButterfly Deluxe Necklace
INN16. GossemerButterfly Deluxe Necklace > $38.00
Zephyr Deluxe Necklace
INN17. Ethereal Buttserfly Deluxe Necklace> $38.00
Qty: Qty:

Zephyr Deluxe Necklace
INN15. Zephyr Buttserfly Deluxe Necklace> $38.00

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