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butterfly earrings Earrings

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Zephyr Purple Butterfly Earrings
|INER15. Zephyr Butterfly Earrings > $26.00
Gossamer Green Butterfly Earrings
INER16. Gossamer Butterfly Earrings > $26.00
Beetle Juice Cocktail Ring

INER15. Zephyr Purple Butterfly Earrings > $26.00

A beautiful collection of majestic butterflies with a purple background, just like a Summer's breeze. Dangles measure 18x25mm There is a black faceted crystal bead hanging from the bottom for a touch of glam. All components of these earrings are entirely made of brass. The Hypo Allergenic Earring clasps open and close in the back to ensure a secure hold.

Ethereal Butterfly Brown Earrings
INER17. Ethereal Butterfly Earrings > $26.00
Speckled Wings Moth Cocktail Ring
INER10. Psyche Butterfly Silver Earrings >$26.00
Moths, Moths, Moths Cocktail Ring
INER9. Aphrodite Butterfly Silver Earrings >$26.00

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