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i of the Tiger Cuff Links
CCCL06. i of the Tiger Cuff links> $42.00
Jolly Roger Skull and Cross Bones Cuff Links
NCCL27.Jolly Roger Cuff Links > $42.00

Cuff Links From Schmutzerland

This our latest product line. The guys wanted something too, so here's our off the cuff, cuff links All our cuff links come packed carded in a sturdy gift box. They make a great gift and don't forget to get a pair for yourself

And they're great for girls too!!!

@ Typographic Cuff Links
NCCL13. If i Only Had A Heart Cuff Links >$42.00
To Be Or Not To Be Anatomical Heart Cuff Links
NCCL11.To Be Or Not To Be Cuff Links >$42.00
Hay is for Horses thoroughbred Cuff Links
CCCL02.Hay Is For Horses Cuff Links>$42.00
Proud As A Peacock Cuff Links
FFCL01. Proud As A Peacock Links >$42.00
Seeing Spots Leopard Cufflinks
CCCL08. Seeing Spots Leopard Cuff links >$42.00
Abraham Lincoln the 16th President Cuff Links
NCCL05.Abraham Lincoln Cuff Links> $42.00

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