December with Schmuzterland

So friends, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. We here at Schmutzerland hope you’re all set for a great Christmas and New Year’s. We’d love to hear how you “Satisfied your Inner Tchotchke” and others this season.

Schmutzerland at the Bust Craftacular

Here's the Babes of Schmutzerland getting ready for the crowds at the Bust Craftacular

So we started off at the bustling Bust Craftacular on December 12th. It was a great show. we met some old crafting buddies and made new friends as well. We really enjoyed meeting the folks at Yee-Haw Industries and hope to be selling Schmuzterland in their store soon. They are one of the most creative letterpress shops around and get the full Schmutzerland seal of approval.

So, Ho-Ho-Ho on to the Brooklyn Craft Central’s Holiday Craft Show. Thank you, Deb Klein for a great time. A Brooklyn Craft show would not be complete unless we were with the lovely and talented Deb Goldstein, Miss Wit herself. Please check out her plea for world peace with her great Bacon unification T-Shirt.

We also get to meet big celebrity authors. We had a visit from Karen Seiger the author of “Markets of New York City”. She also bought a pair of our Octopus Earrings, we think she looks grand.

Markets of New York City Author Karen E. Seiger shows off her book and Schmutzerland Octopus Earrings

So that’s all for now, check back soon.

Schmutzerland with Tracey Ullman

Tracey Ullman Wears Schmutzerland's Abraham Lincoln Necklace

Well we certainly are proud that Tracey Ullman went out on the search and found our own Abe “the babe” Lincoln pendant necklace. We’re pretty pumped.You can see her and him on Tracey Ullman’s “State of the Union” on the Showtime cable network, starting this January.

Tacey plays Megan McCain and looks beautiful woth our boy Abe.

If you want your own Abe you can visit our ETSY website and find him there. Besides the Abe Pendant, we have Abe Brooches, Rings and Earrings. You can be fully presidentially accessorized.