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Well Traveled, A Lost and Found Story

So, we like stories and we especially like to hear stories about Schmutzerland. Well, our good friend Meg at Modern Love in Frenchtown, NJ told us this one. A customer is browsing through her shop, along with all the other incredible things she has there, notices the Schmutzerland jewelry that is on display. So the […]


It’s News To Us

So now we have a news report by Elisa Cervone from Long Island News. All about Schmutzerland. Well, I guess you get a little behind the scenes look at how we do what we do.


December with Schmuzterland

So friends, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. We here at Schmutzerland hope you’re all set for a great Christmas and New Year’s. We’d love to hear how you “Satisfied your Inner Tchotchke” and others this season. So we started off at the bustling Bust Craftacular on December 12th. It was a great show. […]