Well Traveled, A Lost and Found Story

HIER03_grass_shack_earrings So, we like stories and we especially like to hear stories about Schmutzerland. Well, our good friend Meg at Modern Love in Frenchtown, NJ told us this one.

A customer is browsing through her shop, along with all the other incredible things she has there, notices the Schmutzerland jewelry that is on display. So the woman is eyeballing our unique image based jewelry and says “These pieces look like something I bought in Hawaii.” She goes on to say that she had bought a pair of earring in Hawaii, they were her favorite earrings and as things go, she lost them. Very sad about this and wanting a replacement, she asks our hero Meg, “Do those Schmutzerland people make something that has a tropical theme?” Of course Meg, tells her, they do. So they look at the Schmutzerland catalog, and yes, there is the Schmutzerland Hawaiian “i” Collection. A moment of disbelief and then the woman says, “That’s it, they they are, those are me favorite earrings.” OMG!!! It’s the Little Grass Shack Earrings.

Well, who would have thunk, that you would have been in Hawaii and then gone all the way to Frenchtown, NJ to find the thing you lost. It just goes to show you, Schmutzerland really gets around.