Frenchtown, NJ – A Point of Interest


The Frenchtown-Uhlerstown Bridge over the Delaware River

Inside the Bridge Cafe, Frenchtown, NJ

As the Delaware River lazily meanders under the Frenchtown-Uhlerstown Bridge, we sip our coffee on the outdoor patio of the Bridge Café. Contemplating what life was like when this great old building was the original train depot, we’re thinking, how much has changed in this sleepy town, since the train stopped running. The great old vintage buildings are still intact. You can see some evidence of the business and industry of the past in faded paint on the rusty old brick walls.



Schmutzerland on Display at Modern Love in Frenchtown, NJ




But there is new life here now and Schmutzerland is happy to be a part of it. You can find our jewelry in Modern Love  on Bridge Street. Run by the ever-fascinating Megan Metz, this store is one of the best-curated shops we have seen. Artfully combining new and vintage things from clothing to cards, jewelry to those fantastic accessories you might not need, but just have to have. She has great old typewriters and take a look at her collection of vintage miniature sewing machines.





Outsider Art Gallery & Dion Hitchings

Outsider Art Gallery & Dion Hitchings


No visit to Frenchtown is complete until to go to the Outsider Art Gallery . This gallery is a tribute to the soul and spirit of American artistic ingenuity. Run by Dion Hitchings, who has graciously allowed us to put his original artwork in jewelry , this space showcases work by untrained artists that use the world of the visual to express their inner most feelings. Here you can see and buy work by a group of artists called the “A Team” from the Trenton Soup Kitchen,  as well as works by artists that use found objects to tell their stories and ideas. Dion’s heart felt enthusiasm and feelings for all of his artists is evident after hearing him describe each artist’s situation and inspiration.


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