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Giving A Meaningful Gift

Advice, thoughts and random musings by the Schmutzerland Staff

Way back, when we first started Schmutzerland, everything we made had a personal meaning to us. We had an idea of what we thought was interesting and we created jewelry with those unique images. The images we used were thought provoking to us, so we weren’t thinking about what someone else thought was interesting, because we thought it was meaningful.

To our surprise, other people liked what we were doing. When we made our first online sales, it was pretty exciting. It validated what we were doing. We kept making jewelry that we felt was exciting to us, because it was for ourselves, but other people wanted it too. So we kept doing it and Schmutzerland was born.

Then, something interesting happened. People would come up to us and say, “I’m getting married and I’d like a gift to give to my bridal party that’s a little special”, or “My Dad’s a dentist, can you make something for him?” or “My girlfriend is really into butterflies, can you make something like that?” Well, because of how we work and our inquisitive nature we can do that.

So it turns out, all of those types of things became meaningful gifts. Our jewelry is not expensive, but to the people who wear it, it is significant.

I know that at one time or another, we feel at a loss to find that meaningful gift. You get the feeling of how do I give something to someone that seems to have everything they need. Well from watching others that have the “meaningful gift” knack, the key word is “observation”. It’s an awareness that you can develop, while you’re around someone. Take a mental note, what was that little remark about what that guy was wearing? How about the fact she thinks classic mystery stories are interesting? Maybe your friends are really into pirates.

Well, all of those observations were brought to us and were the inspiration behind some of the jewelry designs that Schmutzerland now makes. We have learned people love wearing things that have a special meaning to them. It could be an image of a famous author, personality or historical figure, a special flower, an insect or an animal. Some folks like things that have a vintage, nostalgic look. Others like to show off things that relate to where they are from or where they would like to go.

If you want to give a meaningful gift, just listen and observe, take a mental note. Then look for the thing that sparks that interest. So, you have to be on the alert all the time. Be sensitive to what your friend and/or significant other is saying, doing, looking at or wishing for. You don’t always have to give the exact thing, because it may be a little difficult to give a clipper ship, but you can give a clipper ship necklace pretty easily. And that could be significant

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