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Edgar Allen Poe Deluxe Necklace
NCN29. Edgar Allan Poe Deluxe Necklace> $38.00
Abe's a Babe Deluxe Necklace
NCN31. William Shakespeare Deluxe Necklace> $38.00

NCN29. Edgar Allen Poe Deluxe Necklace > $38.00

Next time you open that cask of Amontillado or just get into raven watching, you have to get your mysterious groove on with this Edgar Allan Poe Necklace. A big 30mm x 40mm magnifying cabochon hanging from a 16 inch chain, with a firm lobster clasp, out of style, "nevermore!"

Add 24 inch chain to order: Qty: $1.00 per necklace


Ben Franklin Deluxe Necklaces
NCN30. Indian Chief Deluxe Necklace > $38.00
Sitting Bull Pendant Necklace
NCN33. Sitting Bull Deluxe Necklace > $38.00
SHarp Shooter Annie Oakley
NCN34. Sharp Shootin' Annie Oakley Deluxe Necklace > $38.00
Tillie Asbury Park Petite Ring
NCRN28. Asbury Park Tillie > $34.00
The Amelia The Aviator Deluxe Necklace
NC14. Amelia The Aviator Deluxe Necklace
> $38.00
Robert Burns Deluxe Necklace
NCN22. Robert Burns Deluxe Necklace > $38.00
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