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Black Ampersand Mark NecklaceTYER05. & (ampersand) black round necklace > $34.00
Red Ampersand Mark Necklace
TYER05r. & (ampersand) red round necklace > $34.00
New York Deluxe Necklace

TYNR05. & (ampersand) Black Necklace > $32.00

Is there something you'd like to add to this conversation? We know you saying a little more than this & that, so chime in.This is a 25mm round necklace in a brass rope setting. A magnifying cabochon enhances the image, comes standard with a 16 inch chain, longer chains available.

Add 24 inch chain to order: Qty: $1.00 per necklace


Typo Scramble black round necklaceTYNR06, Typo Scramble black round necklace > $34.00
Typo Scramble red round necklace
TYNR06, Typo Scramble red round necklace > $34.00

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