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Aphrodite Butterfly Cocktail Ring
INLR9. Aphrodite Butterfly Cocktail Ring > $28.00
INSR9 Aphrodite petite cocktail ring > $18.00
Beetle Juice Cocktail Ring

INLR9. AphroditeButterfly Cocktail Ring > $28.00
This stunning butterfly will make your heart flutter. Ring base is adjustable and composed entirely of brass. The clear magnifying cabochon measures 30x40mm, and is set in a brass ruffle setting.

Moths Brass Petite ring
INSR2b. Moths Brass Petite Ring > $18.00
Spider Web Cocktail Ring
INLR13. Spider Web Cocktail Ring > $28.00
Moths, Moths, Moths Cocktail Ring
INLR2. Moths, Moths Cocktail Ring >$28.00
Moths Silver Petite Ring
INSR2s> Moths Silver Petite Ring > $18.00
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