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Satisfy Your Inner Tchotchke, Schmutzerland Unveils Two New
Fashion Jewelry Lines

Hawaiian “I” and Cufflinks are new offerings from the image based jewelry specialists.

Nutley, NJ, May, 2011 – Schmutzerland, the image based jewelry specialists, announces the release of two new lines, The Hawaiian “I” collection and cufflinks.

Created especially for the Hawaiian market, The Hawaiian “I” Collection is now available worldwide to retailers and consumers. Featuring Hula Girls, Tropical Scenes, Surfers and a classic Pineapple, these vintage style pieces, resemble coveted flea market finds with a decidedly hip attitude. The collection is available in pendant necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings and hairpins, so there is ample opportunity to “satisfy you inner tchotchke”.

The new cufflink line features some classic Schmutzerland images, such as Tigers, a Map of
New York City, Peacock Feathers, Vintage Anatomical Engravings and for all you techies, a great looking”@”. Set in unfinished raw brass settings these pieces are packaged in a kraft box on a very funky retro card that makes these cufflinks perfect gifts. Now the guys can have some tchotchkes too.

Bonnie Berish, the principal designer and art director of Schmutzerland remarked “Our retailers and customers are our best suppliers of ideas. When our Hawaiian rep said she needed “island” images we developed the Hawaiian “I” collection”. Bonnie continues, “Then we were hearing folks wanted something for the guys, so we came up with the cufflinks”. It’s this ability to listen and react to their customers suggestions, that consistently keeps Schmutzerland’s designs fresh and intriguing.

Tchotch•ke: noun informal 1. A small object that is decorative rather than strictly functional; a trinket 2. A pretty girl (American Oxford Dictionary)

A truly inspiring story of innovation and reinvention, Schmutzerland is a family owned business started in 2008. Beginning as a web based company, the business now has retailers from Brooklyn to Barcelona, selling imaginative image based jewelry. Drawing on a background from a successful career as a graphic designer, Bonnie Berish, principal designer and art director, along with her daughter Lauren, have taken the best of the image collection that she has assembled over the years and created a line of image based fashion jewelry. Schmutzerland has been worn by Tracey Ulman in her hit Showtime series “State of the Union”, written about in major fashion and lifestyle publications and blogs, along with a healthy viral buzz created by satisfied customers blogging, posting on Facebook and Tweeting.

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Hawaiian “I” Collection:


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Dave Rubin
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Hula Girls Deluxe Necklace By Schmutzerland
Hula Girls Deluxe Necklace. Part of the "Hawaiian i" collection from Schmutzerland

Tiger Cuff Links in gift box by Schmutzerland
Tiger Cuff Links in a Gift Box. Part of the new Cuff Links Collection by Schmutzerland.






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