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Schmutzerland’s Custom Image Option a Hit With Retailers.

The image based jewelry specialists create family heirlooms and exclusive lines for retailers. They can be seen at Pier 92, booth number 35006 at the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF) August 13-17th

“Satisfy Your Inner Tchotchke,”

Nutley, NJ, July 29 2011 – Schmutzerland, the image based jewelry specialists, announces that their custom image options will be shown at the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF), as part of New York’s Newest on Pier 92, booth 35006.

Retailers of Schmutzerland jewelry have been taking advantage of the company’s ability to customize the images in their settings. As an enhancement to a retail sales, shop owners can now offer to put images of old family photos, favorite pets, memorialize significant milestones or any other image that is special to their customers, in a piece of jewelry. These exceptionally well made pieces offer a new level of fashion personalization.,

“We’ve had customers bring in old family photos, pictures of grand children and of treasured friends to be put into Schmutzerland settings,” says Karen Shankoff, owner of “Sage” on Main St. in Flemington, NJ. “Our customers are thrilled to be able to own a special one of a kind piece, that has such personal meaning to them. Plus it gives us another level of service we can offer.”

Schmutzerland has also created an exclusive line of jewelry for “Made To Order” in Clinton, NJ. This is a line of jewelry featuring the historic Clinton “Red Mill.” These beautiful pieces are only available at the store and will not be offered to any other retailers. The custom option is a great way to create a unique jewelry line that a store can say “you can only get it here.”

“After we discuss the images and the settings, we make an agreement with the retailer that even if someone tries to order the jewelry directly through us, we will refer them back to the shop that is handling the custom piece.” According to Dave Rubin, Schmutzerland’s Director of Marketing.

In addition to personal customized jewelry and exclusive store lines, Schmuzterland has manufactured custom logoed cufflinks for Temple University plus developed a line of Owl jewelry, which is the school mascot.  They also created special Soccer logo lapel pins for the Georgetown University Women’s Soccer Team.

The Schmutzerland line also features images from Victorian engravings, famous faces, animals, geography and geometry to nostalgic themes, so there seems to be a little something for everyone’s liking. The whimsical nature of Schmutzerland’s designs promotes its appeal to a broad spectrum of clientele, who find they are great pieces to wear, whether they are dressing up or dressing down.

Tchotch•ke: noun informal 1. A small object that is decorative rather than strictly functional; a trinket 2. A pretty girl (American Oxford Dictionary)

A truly inspiring story of innovation and reinvention, Schmutzerland is a family owned business started in 2008. Beginning as a web based company, the business now has retailers from Brooklyn to Barcelona, selling imaginative image based jewelry. Drawing on a background from a successful career as a graphic designer, Bonnie Berish, principal designer and art director, along with her daughter Lauren, have taken the best of the image collection that she has assembled over the years and created a line of image based fashion jewelry. Schmutzerland has been worn by Tracey Ulman in her hit Showtime series “State of the Union," written about in major fashion and lifestyle publications and blogs, along with a healthy viral buzz created by satisfied customers blogging, posting on Facebook and Tweeting.

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Schmutzerland Custom Image Jewelry

Press Contact:
Dave Rubin


Dave Rubin
7 Cathedral Ave.
Nutley, NJ 07110


Create your own heirlooms with family photos
Create your own personalized heirlooms with family photos.

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Schmutzerland created a line of custom jewelry for Temple University.






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